Point Reyes Highlights

Greyson and I spent Christmas down in Point Reyes with his family. We didn’t have perfect weather, but we were still able to get out and hit most of the highlights. On Christmas Eve day, we headed to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, hoping to see whales and birds. Thanks to the 50 mile an hour … Continue reading Point Reyes Highlights

Flashback Friday: Point Reyes Weekend

Back in April, I headed to Point Reyes with some friends to do my Dirty Thirty Birthday right. Coincidentally, my good friend Becky also turned 30 on April 19th, so we did a co-birthday weekend filled with friends, hikes, laughter, mountain biking, wildflowers, sea mammals, birds, beer and cheese! Greyson and I headed down from … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Point Reyes Weekend

Mountain Biking Ashland, Oregon

One of the first mountain biking destinations we decided on was Ashland, Oregon. We’d heard that it has an amazing trail network, good beer and food, nearby camping, fun culture, and was a quick ~6.5 hour drive up I5 from our wedding location in Point Reyes. We’d planned on camping at a free USFS campground on … Continue reading Mountain Biking Ashland, Oregon

Ultimate Northwest Mountain Bike Road Trip Itinerary

After Greyson and I got married this June, we went on an amazing, ~4 week honeymoon. We road tripped with our camping gear and our mountain bikes from Point Reyes, up through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and back again. It was A LOT of planning, but I have to say that our route was just … Continue reading Ultimate Northwest Mountain Bike Road Trip Itinerary

We got married!

I didn’t write very much (aka at all) on my blog in 2017 – turns out planning a wedding is a lot of work! All the great photos are by the super talented Melissa of Marble Rye Photography After our awesome wedding, Greyson and I went on an even better honeymoon. We road tripped from … Continue reading We got married!

Trail Reports

Here are the Trail Reports for (some of) the trails and climbing spots I’ve enjoyed in California and beyond. This page is always being updated, so be sure to check in! Mountain Biking: Tahoe Mountain Trail (South Lake Tahoe, California) Powerline Trail (South Lake Tahoe, California) Sawtooth Loop Trail (Truckee, California) Foresthill Divide Trail (Auburn, … Continue reading Trail Reports

Raja Ampat, Indonesia: Getting There Is the First Adventure

I just spent an amazing two weeks SCUBA diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Raja Ampat is a grouping of islands in the West Papua province, off the west coast of New Guinea. It’s gorgeous, full of incredible marine biodiversity and REMOTE. It is a long way from California to Papua Explorers Resort, on Gam Island. … Continue reading Raja Ampat, Indonesia: Getting There Is the First Adventure

2015 Year in Review

To paraphrase what I said last year: Well, it’s almost the end of (2015). I have to say that this was one of my best years ever! I love my job, have a great boyfriend, and I got to go on a bunch of fun adventures. Here are the highlights: January: For the 4th year … Continue reading 2015 Year in Review

Planning a California North Coast Road Trip

So I’ve mentioned a few times that Greyson and I went on an amazing road trip up the North Coast of California. We managed to hit a bunch of must-see spots, both well known and off the beaten path. I’ve already written about one of the hidden gems we visited, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, but I … Continue reading Planning a California North Coast Road Trip