About Me

Hello! My name is Lynn, and I live, work and play in the Lake Tahoe region of California. Working as a program director at an environmental nonprofit, I get a unique perspective on the mountain environment I’ve become passionate about. I love sharing my experiences in this beautiful place through this blog.

Over the years, I’ve gotten the chance to live in some of the United States’ best places for outdoor adventure – Bellingham, Washington, Santa Barbara, California and now Lake Tahoe. I’ve managed to pick up new sports and activities at each stop. Now I split my time between mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, swimming, and reading. My next adventure is to get SCUBA certified before a spring trip to Indonesia!

Bishop Climbing

I also have a page of Trail Reports that I often update, if you’re looking for somewhere to hike, bike or climb in the Tahoe area and beyond. If you like beer, check out my Brewery and Beer Reviews!