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VIDEO: Animal Trails, Truckee, CA

Since Greyson and I spent the spring and summer sticking close to home, we took the opportunity to ride some of the local trails we haven’t ridden before. Animal & Animal Crackers shot to the top of my list of favorite local trails, and I made a quick video about it. Check it out!

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Beer vs. Mountain Bike Trails: Preliminary Results

Mountain Bike Trails vs Beers: A Plot //

As I mentioned earlier, I created a survey to rank the mountain bike trails and beer for smaller cities and towns. So far, I’ve gotten 18 responses, and here are the preliminary results. Bellingham seems to be the highest rated town, with the highest beer rating at 9.25 and a high trail score at 9.00. Whistler/Squamish had the highest rating for trails, an average of 9.86, with a decent beer score of 7.43. Interestingly, Bend had the second highest beer score of 8.89, but a fairly low trail score of 5.89. Reno had the lowest overall score with a trail score of 4.75 and beer score of 6.25. (I think that Reno beer score is seriously too low. If you need a recommendation for better Reno beer, let me know.)

Because several destinations had as few as two responses, I also did a chart with only the towns that had at least 5 responses.

Survey is still open, so you can still respond here. Thanks!

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Mountain Bike Trails vs Beer: A Survey

Inspired by this Transit vs. Tacos plot for major US cities, I created a survey to rank the mountain bike trails and beer for smaller cities and towns. If you’re interested, you can fill out my survey here. I’m planning to collect the data and plot it after a couple of weeks. The options are very West Coast centric, since I made the list based on places I’ve ridden and drank. Feel free to suggest more options, either here or in the survey.

Mountain Bike Trails vs. Beer //

Click here to take the Beer vs Mountain Bike Trails survey!


VIDEO: Road, Gravel & Trail Riding in My Truckee Backyard

I’ve been sticking close to home these past couple of months. While I miss traveling, I’ve been exploring more in my own backyard. The snow is finally melting out, so I’m finding lots of great riding that I can access from my house. Check out a video that I made of one of my recent local rides!

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VIDEO: Santa Cruz Megatower at Wilder Ranch

Last month, I got to demo the Santa Cruz Megatower at Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz. It was waaaaaaay more bike than I needed for those mostly mellow trails, but I had a blast!

Click here for my detailed Culvert & Confluence Trail Report.